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Assessing Resilience in Social-ecological systems: A practitioner's workbook

right1: Resilience of What, to What?

1.1 Bounding the System: Describing the Present

1.2 Expanding the System: Multiple Scales

1.3 Linking the Past to Present – Historical Timeline

1.4 Resilience to What? – Disturbances

1.5 Specified and General Resilience (new)

2: Assessing Alternate States and Thresholds

2.1 Alternate States

2.2 Thresholds

2.3 Scenarios

3: Assessing Cycles of Change

3.1 Cycles of Change: The Adaptive Cycle

3.2 Cross-Scale Interactions: Influences from Below and Above

4: Adaptability and Transformative Change

4.1 Adaptability and Transformation

4.2 Social Networks among Stakeholders (new)

5: Next steps: Interventions and management

5.1 Interventions

5.2 Adaptive Assessment and Management

Appendix A - Key References

Appendix B - Different types of capital

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