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This is a place to add your case study. If you want to have the option of someone contacting you about your case-study be sure to include your email address when you register (you can also edit your preferences).

The case studies can be partial or completed resilience assessments for a variety of social-ecological systems. As the number of case studies grows we will attempt to put them into a database format. Case studies can include links to additional resources (e.g. publications, websites, contact information etc.). Please include author's names on the case study.

To add a case study - click 'edit' above to open this page in edit mode. Type in the title of your case study and your name and date in brackets beside it). Highlight the title you just created and click on the internal link icon in the editing box (the 'Ab' underlined). This creates a hyperlink for your title. Save the page to get out of edit mode and then click on the title link you just created. This will open a new blank page to edit and you can copy and paste or enter your text there. Save the page and you are done.

List of Case Studies:

Adaptive preparation for climate change in north eastern New South Wales, Australia. (Contributed by Reidgr 23 May 2008)

Social-ecological responses to changes in a coastal wetland of Colombia

Jordan River (Contributed by Tala Qtaishat 12 August 2008)

Mangrove Resilience (Contributed by Ben Brown March 2009)

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