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Assessing and Managing Resilience in Social-Ecological Systems: A Practitioner's Workbook

New Modules:
Specified and General Resilience (Section 1.5, by Brian Walker)
Social Networks among Stakeholders (Section 4.2 , by Orjan Bodin & Beatrice Crona)

The workbook wiki is based on Version 1.0 of the Practitioner's workbook "Assessing and Managing Resilience in Social-Ecological Systems". The workbook is structured around a set of key concepts that underly resilience thinking and provide a framework for assessing the resilience of natural resource systems. Each concept is explained by way of an example and a summary list of key messages, which is followed by a set of activities designed to help users explore system parameters and management options for their own system of interest from a resilience perspective.

There are five main sections to the workbook:
1: Resilience of What, to What?
2: Assessing Alternate States and Thresholds
3: Assessing Cycles of Change
4: Adaptability and Transformative Change
5: Next Steps: Interventions

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